QUAD Reservoir Saturation Logging

Quad Neutron log measurements is a proprietary technology by Roke Canada, which provide accurate saturation measurement downhole by precisely identifying the zones with hydrocarbon (oil, gas, light oil), with water and zones with mud and cement invasion.

The Quad cutting-edge technology, which is light years ahead of the conventional technologies, was designed and field-tested to 150 and 15,000 PSI, has application in harsh environments and many wellbore configurations. The Quad’s complex measurement suite is delivered with a simple telemetry and lower power requirements. It easily interfaces to e-line surface connections (Warrior service) or Roke’s own down-hole memory tools. Its slim hole memory capability and through pipe measurement capability enables flexibility in Quad deployment

The Quad Neutron is a four-detector nuclear measurement tool specially designed for through pipe reservoir evaluation. Its several detectors and facilities include Natural Gamma Ray, Split Spectrum Gamma Ray, CCL, Top and Bottom Temperature, Fluid Resistivity, and an Accelerometer. The Quad data bus and modular connector configuration enables attachment of many other detectors to be accommodated for specific applications, when required.


  • It provides accurate information on the location of oil and precisely identifies the zones with hydrocarbon (oil, gas, light oil), water and helps with fluid contact determination.
  • Quad identifies zones with mud and cement invasion, which helps determine zones to stimulate for increased oil recovery. This is a great advantage over the conventional technologies which perform poorly in resolving zones with cement or mud invasion.
  • The Quad is cheaper to run as it is available in memory mode as well as real-time mode
  • Deploying Quad helps optimize field development and increase the oil and gas asset ultimate recovery
  • Designed and Tested to 150 and 15kPSI, the Quad can be applied in harsh environments and many wellbore configurations.

BLUESPARK® technology

BLUESPARK® technology is a flagship, sustainable and innovative technology that brings solution to formation damage through its repeatable, high power hydraulic pressure pulses and shockwaves. It is a flagship solution developed by Blue Spark Energy Inc.

BLUESPARK® technology creates pathways that allow increased inflow (oil and gas) to the wellbore by generating very intense shock wave and high-power pressure pulse to dislodge near wellbore formation damage. BLUESPARK® technology achieves this feat through its unique ability to discharge stored energy within a few microseconds and convert the energy through a transducer create intense shock waves travelling at more than 1,500 meters per second and is followed by a 10,000psi high-pressure pulse.

BLUESPARK® technology tool can be run in open hole or cased hole via e-line. It could also be deployed in horizontal wells when used with a wireline tractor or e-coil. BLUESPARK® technology opens up flow paths by delivering rapid, high-power pressure pulses directly at the location of the blockage. Repeated pulsing removes blockages in SSSCVs, SSDs, GLVs, orifice, perforations, slotted liners, sand screens and gravel packs.


BLUESPARK® technology supports sustainability. There’s no truck convoy through people’s backyards, no work crews, and no fluids, toxins or explosives – reducing the risk chain.

Our footprint is one vehicle, one technician and BLUESPARK® technology uses as much energy as leaving a 100W light bulb on for 3 hours while creating a power output of 240 megawatts.


Oil & gas applications are complete in as little as a day, and our efficiencies don’t stop there;

with no wellbore preparation and few logistics to consider, we can gear up immediately saving you valuable time every turn.


Proven technology, rigorous testing and quantifiable improvements in 600 projects for more 50 companies.

Cost Effective

Less manpower, faster treatment, no downtime due to prep or logistics, no chemicals or additional clean up cost.

It all adds up to a cost-effective solution to restore reservoir flow.


No fluids, toxins or explosives are used. Our small on-surface electrical charge and its transmission deep down-hole is safe.

BLUESPARK® technology works directly at the source of the issue.

How is this being applied?

New Wells

Reduces formation damage caused by well construction activities, such as drilling, cementing and perforating

Producing Wells

An alternative for ongoing maintenance of marginal wells by clearing blockages in completion equipment and perforations

Injection Wells

Increases injectivity and reduces injection pressure

Open Holes

Generates radial fractures independent of in situ stress

Chemical Treatment

Improves effectiveness of chemical treatments by increasing the contact area within the targeted zones.

Scale Removal

BLUESPARK® technology removes insoluble scale from both upper and lower completion equipment.

BLUESPARK® technology Applications: Impairment Removal

  • Upper Completion
    • Sub Surface Safety Valves
    • Gas Lift Valves
    • Wellhead Valves
    • Tubing Clean
  • Lower Completion
    • Sand Screens
    • Gravel Packs
    • Perforated Liner
    • Slotted Liner
    • Sliding Sleeves


The Process Imaging software is a cutting-edge technology that provides exceptionally detailed fluid particle characterization (sizes and concentrations) through its advanced, world-class, recognition and measurement algorithms. The Process Imaging software takes images captured by the Process Imaging, measures 18 different parameters for each particle and classifies them into up to eight separate particle populations simultaneously, continuously and in real-time. Thus, the Process Imaging software provides excellent solution for detailed, representative and real-time information on the wellbore cleanliness.

The Process Imaging can operate continuously online at high pressure and elevated temperatures and it is applicable in various surface and sub surface operations in the oil industry for:

  • Produced water management (to know oil droplet size, oil concentration, solid concentration, solid size distribution).
  • Real time monitoring of injection water quality
  • For fluid particle characterization
  • For chemical selection and dosage optimization
  • For optimization of surface production process in separators, hydrocyclone units etc.
  • For real – time monitoring of wellbore cleaning

FEATURES OF Process Imaging

  • On-line
  • Rugged and compact
  • Continuous operation
  • Size distributions
  • Concentration measurements
  • Automatic differentiation between particle types of solids
  • Size oil droplets and solids separately at the same time
  • Differentiate between different types of solids
  • User definable alarms for size and concentration for each type of particle
  • Data and alarm outputs via Modbus or 4-20mA
  • Trend analysis-identify upsets before they occur.